01. Is it important to rent a stroller in Orlando?

Very! The parks are huge, there is so much to see that you will walk a lot more than usual! You will be tired, your child will be exhausted! If your child is up to 8 years old, we recommend that you rent a stroller. When your child is tired, they can rest while you move around the park. Time flies there, enjoy every second. A comfortable stroller will make all the difference and we only work with the best strollers.

02. When and why rent a crib, highchair, bathtub and other smaller items?

Your dream trip can be magical or turn into a nightmare due to small details! Have you ever imagined arriving at the hotel and discovering that there is no suitable bed for your little one? Not even another convenience? Many hotels provide cots, highchairs and bathtubs, but they have a very small number of these items. Depending on the season, you may not have these items during your trip! A bad night's sleep or a stay without the slightest comfort will leave the whole family more tired. It's also not worth buying these items just for the trip and then taking up your quota of purchases and space in your suitcase. Believe me, this space will be missed for other things that you would certainly like to take home.

03. How does the rental work?

The products are available on our website for rent for as long as you wish! We have no restrictions on this, it is possible to rent for a few days. After choosing the products, adding them to the rental cart; Choose the delivery date and make payment. Your order will be delivered to the address indicated on the scheduled date. At the end of the rental period, we collect the rented items at the same delivery address or at a different address indicated by you.

04. How much does it cost and how long is the rental?

Rental values ​​vary depending on product and rental period. To check the prices of each product, access the desired product page and simulate the rental by entering the delivery date and return date. We have no restrictions on the rental period, it is possible to rent for a few days if you wish.

05. How much does delivery and return cost?

We do not charge delivery or return fees. There will only be a charge if more than one delivery or return attempt is necessary in accordance with our rental contract.

06. How is payment made?

Payment is made on our website at the time of booking and we offer a national or international credit card as an option.

07. How are products sanitized?

We sanitize and disinfect products before and after each rental. We use excellent quality hypoallergenic products. Plastic products are cleaned with neutral soap and disinfected with 70% alcohol. Fabric products are washed with hypoallergenic products by hand or in a washing machine and dried in the sun or in a dryer, always in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions.

08. Which language is the support also provided?

Our support is provided in English and Portuguese.

09. Do they deliver to Disney resorts?

Yes. Deliveries and returns at Disney resorts require delivery to the customer. In this case, we arrange a time with you to deliver and then collect the rented items.

10. Can I take out insurance with you?

Yes. We offer insurance against minor damage and theft. Hiring is optional, but recommended. The value may vary depending on the product and will be available on the product page.

11. What to do in cases of theft or damage caused by third parties?

Immediately contact park security to report the situation and request an incident report. Once you have this document, contact us reporting the situation. Send a photo of the document. We will do our best to replace or replace it in the shortest possible time. If it occurs outside the Disney parks in a public place, it will be necessary to contact the Police Department to register and forward the police report to us. Customers who have not taken out the optional insurance will have their credit card charged for the value of the stolen/stolen product(s) and the replacement will be made after the card has been debited.

12. What can you do to reduce the risk of robbery/theft or damage?

In parks, park strollers in designated spaces called “Stroller Parkings”, leaving them locked. Avoid leaving your belongings in carts. The parks are very safe and the occurrence of theft is low. However, we recommend taking out insurance to avoid further losses. Regarding damages, it is recommended to respect the weight and age limits of each product as damages caused by not observing the limits are not covered by insurance.

13. I'm not sure which products to rent, can you guide me?

We can help you! Contact us via telephone or WhatsApp messaging app, informing the children's age and weight. We do not charge anything for this service and there is no obligation to rent the suggested products.

14. What happens if I return it late?

You will be charged the value of the additional daily rates, plus the value of a new collection attempt, in accordance with our rental agreement.