Double stroller


Bob Gear Revolution Duallie Double Stroller


  • BRL: R$251,75
/ night

Summit X3 Double Jogging Stroller


  • BRL: R$237,50
/ night

City Mini GT Double Stroller


  • BRL: R$237,50
/ night

City Mini Double Stroller


  • BRL: R$213,75
/ night

Looking for Double stroller?

Double Stroller Rental in Orlando for Double Explorers!

Whether exploring the charms of Orlando or immersing yourself in the magic of Disney, our double stroller rental option is the ideal solution for parents who want to provide comfort and practicality for two children, while making the most of their trip.

Why Choose a Double Stroller?

By choosing a double stroller rental in Orlando, you ensure a smooth and convenient experience for your children and yourself:

Adventure for Two: With two comfortable seats, our double strollers are perfect for parents with two small children, offering comfort and safety for both during the entire trip.
Free from Fun: Walking around Orlando or Disney can be tiring, especially for young children. With our double stroller, your little ones can rest when needed, allowing the fun to continue uninterrupted.
Convenient Handling: Our double strollers are specifically designed to provide ease of transportation, allowing you to easily navigate crowds, theme parks, and busy areas without worry.

Double Stroller Rental in Orlando: Double Comfort

Find a stress-free experience on your visit to Orlando or Disney when you opt for a double stroller rental. We offer a wide selection of high-quality double strollers to meet your family’s needs and ensure both your children enjoy the journey in comfort and safety.

Planning a visit to Orlando with two little ones in tow? Contact us to find out more about our double stroller rental options and ensure your family adventure is as comfortable and engaging as possible.